Art vs Content (same as it ever was)

Death Match 2022
  1. Content. Everything you make is content. If you’re a musician this includes your songs, music videos, album artwork, selfies, tweets, etc…Calling any/all of this content does nothing to devalue them or you. It is simply the generic term for any publicly shareable piece of what you do. (You’re content to call it content)
  2. Art. The things that you make are not content and calling them this is an insult. Content is cheap and disposable–art is important and timeless. Perhaps you make other things in order to promote yourself and “brand” which MAY be classifiable as content, but these are entirely distinct and separate from your Art™ work.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) pissed off both sides of this debate, let me drop my thesis:

This conflict is not new, original, or worth fighting about (but is still fun to fight about).

Should Art be Timeless?

Time. Like clocks.
Mr Bean
The Artist

Art vs Entertainment

Jackass 3D (2010) premiered at MOMA btw.

The Artworld

It takes skill to put together an Ikea couch, is that art?
Black Square by Kasimir Malevich
(This painting is a black square. Technical ability cannot be a factor in aesthetic assessment–or at least not the primary one. Although it is a well-named painting!)
Fountain by Marcel Duchamp (was famously rejected from its initial exhibition; apparently being too radical for curators in 1917. It has since been recognized as a landmark work in art history, Kind of a shitty sculpture IMHO.)

Art: Category or Quality?

Artist vs Artiste. Arts vs Crafts. Alien vs Predator.

AVP. No caption needed

So print out all of your tweets and sell them as a book of poetry, there is literally nothing stopping you.

Jorts is a portmanteau of “Jeans” and “Shorts”



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